The Story About Starting a Blog.

It shouldn’t be that hard right? Its not rocket science. I’ve picked a hosting site- or is it a platform? I’ve got a domain name, well not really. I’m not SEO, at least I don’t think I am. I have a genre, a target audience if you will. This blog is aimed toward moms.
Moms and crafters.
Moms, crafters, and smoothie drinkers.
Moms, crafters, smoothie drinkers and home schoolers.
Moms, crafters, smoothie drinkers, home schoolers and bakers.

Ok so I don’t have a genre.

What do I have?

I have me, sitting in front of my computer at 11 o’clock at night, bursting with thoughts and stories and anecdotes, and recipies, and projects, and encouragements, and questions, and hope, and love, wondering how to put it all into something comprehensive that someone can gain something from. I have me, too afraid to share any of it.

I’ve contemplated new blog posts almost daily but I keep getting stuck. Like this. Say I want to write a really important (if only to me) piece on snoodle-farts, but I know for a fact a few of the people that could read this DO NOT LIKE SNOODLE-FARTS. They don’t like snoodle-farts even a little bit and they might never read my blog or anything else I have to say agian, if I write one piece on snoodle-farts. I have a whole bunch of things that fall into the same category as snoodle farts but I don’t want to scare off anyone that might be against the snoodle-farts and other such ramblings. 

Can’t I just be me? Unapologetically me? Without worrying that someone might not like me or what I write about just because Im smitten with snoodle-farts? 

Will you, right now (yes you.) promise me that you will come back and read what I have to say even If I talk about snoodle-farts more often than you like? If I post about a smoothie, like every other blogger ever, or coconut oil and its 53 uses around the Yow house (that sounds promising), or cloth diapers, or welfare, or running, or chevron print things, or home school, or hooping, or zoloft, or Christ, will you come back and read? 

Will you come back and let me try to be encouraging, uplifting, positive, creative, genuine, kind, real, and transparent?
Can you please do that for me? 

In return, I promise that I won’t inundate glitterandgoldfish with posts about snoodle-farts or anything else. Just me. Trying to get my foothold in this completely saturated compendium of thought that is the blogging world.

Starting a blog is hard. Theres a whole heap of stuff that goes into it. Did you know, that readers don’t read long paragraphs? Generally they skip over long solid chunks of text. They stop and start with short little paragraphs. Hmm. Also, if you want someone to read your blog, you need to make sure it is SEO ( search engine optimized) which you can do by jumping through a variety of literary hoops. You should probably pay to have a domain name right off the bat because there are domain name scalpers that will go searching for recent inquiries about domain names. Those companies will go buy the domain name and then sell it to you at an inflated cost.
Yep. How lame is that?
There are fees! Lots of them too! Domain, hosting, platform, website design… GAHHHH! 

Starting a blog! Ahhhh. 

Bloggin’s a dance you learn as you go, sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow.

See, now I’m just rambling. Heres a picture of a smoothie I made… you know… just to tie it all together.  




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