Wait For Me. (warning: get your tissues)

I had the honor of meeting a serious Smarty-pants McGee who works with college consulting and what-not. Don’t ask me the specifics because I really don’t know what all that entails. I DO know that if she had been doing what she was doing now, 10 years ago, I may have finished college. 


Anyway. Jessica is an incredibly sweet woman with an incredibly powerful story. I think you should go watch her LTYM reading and possibly check out her blog here.

 And now, Jessica Peyton-Roberts reading Wait For Me.


An ACTUAL Story From an ACTUAL Story Teller.

Listen To Your Mother was an amazing experience. I am blessed to have been part of it. Truly. 14 women gathered on a stage in a tiny theater in Portland and told their story.
Real stories.
Raw stories.
Emotional stories.
Funny stories.

I think you should hear them all. You can.

Meet Nikki Schulak and hear her story “Dentistry’s Problem Children“.
It’s long. I won’t lie, it’s long but it is well worth your time.